Evangelism Course
Our goal is to serve churches, organising Evangelism Course where Christians would learn the Biblical principles of the Gospel, practice sharing the Gospel and practice to share personal testimony.
Jesus said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation"
Mark 16:15-20
During church planting in different regions we experienced the need in teaching Christians to share the Gospel and to share personal testimony

God inspired us to run the Evangelism Course, which is based on the best courses and Bible schools. Later our ministry started to grow with support from leaders of many churches in different cities in UK and Europe.
From 2021 Evangelism Course has been used by churches in
Lessons has been translated to 3 languages, including English, Spanish and Russian
Alex Gill
founder of Evangelism Course international ministry
About Us
Why does Christians need to know how to share the Gospel?
In Mark 16:15−20 Jesus said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."
From experiences in many churches Evangelism Course could be run using 3 options:
1. All three lessons during one event — 3 hours
2. Each lesson separately. Three lessons 45 minutes each
3. Before evangelism activity to run only Lesson Two (around 30−45 min) and to go sharing the Gospel
Evangelism Course includes 3 lessons and two breaks between lessons
Lesson 1
Biblical principles of the Gospel
Lesson 2
The practice of preaching the Gospel
Lesson 3
Practice sharing personal testimony
How to request Evangelism Course
If you have a need in education people practical lessons of sharing the Gospel — we would be happy to support your church to run the Evangelism Course
Alex Gill
founder, leader of the Evangelism Course ministry
Dan Dmitruk
Regional Leader,
Evangelism Course

Thanks to the courses, it became easier to reach distant relatives, in just two weeks I had an opportunity to share the Gospel, God bless.

I want to express my gratitude. I liked the atmosphere of the course, it was easy. The practice itself was relaxed. Now I can preach the Gospel easily and freely without worry. Thank you very much.

Thank you so much, it was very accessible, simple, and everything was arranged accordingly. Great practical part. Very motivating!

The most powerful thing is the practical application and practice of your own testimony! Makes you think again about your personal testimony and its importance.

It was very helpful to learn how to summarize the gospel in a few points.

I liked the fact that we practiced in a small group. It removed any doubts on how to share the Gospel. I liked the practice of preaching the Gospel and personal testimony.

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